5 Tips for Surviving an Awards Night

5 Tips for Surviving an Awards Night

Recently UofG’s Social Media team have shortlisted (and won) a few awards for Best Use of Social Media. Instead of just dwelling on our own success, though we enjoy that as well, lets run through what we’ve learned to get through the night in one piece.

1. Join the Conversation Early

All of these awards nights will have hashtags, so get on it! You don’t need to wait until the night either, start engaging with the community. It’s a great way to network (dreaded word I know), but it will also ensure you have some new friends to chat to on the night. Award organisers also appreciate the chatter leading up to the event.

2. Don’t Forget to Bring a Good Book

A major upside is the amount of quality travel time you get to spend with colleagues on your way to the award night! Pack light, bring a snack (nothing too smelly), and something to entertain yourself (for the four hour journey to Manchester from Glasgow by train). Unless you have someone like the legend @ptaylo to keep you company – then no books required.

3. Get Involved & Have Fun!

You’ve made it all the way to your award ceremony, might as well have a little fun! There will most likely by a photo booth with some props (that’s an easy one), possibly a dress up theme for the night, and of course a best tweet competition (no pressure Social Media managers). There’s no reason not to get into the thick of it and take advantage of a good night out.

Twitter competition hack:

Multimedia and group involvement not only increases your chances of success, it’s also a good excuse to see your colleagues to goof around.

4. Win!

If you expect to win, you just might! When (not, if) you win thank everyone, no one wins these awards on their own. There are so many people who contribute, make sure they’re mentioned…it’s important! Limit that alcohol consumption, it might sound silly but no one wants to see you stagger up the steps and slur your words in the reaction video. That being said make sure you celebrate (after your category), even if you don’t win make the most of your evening, dance have a few drinks and enjoy your time.

Facebook Live: If you’re up for it, live stream your win for everyone to see. Take a look at what we did below, it’s a bit shaky but we were excited.

5. Paracetamol

And lots of it! Morning after the big night: take advantage of some hotel breakfast, get on that train/plane, check your emails passively while cradling your precious award, and post that obligatory tweet thanking the award organisers for a brilliant night.

You’ve survived, now go out there and create more award winning work!

UofG Social Media Team have won two awards this year for the promotion of the University’s role in the discovery of gravitational waves.

  1. CIPR Excellence Award – ‘Best Use of Social Media’
  2. HEIST Award – ‘Most Effective Use of Social Media’

Fingers crossed for the PRIDE Awards in October!



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