Now that the RIO Olympics are all wrapped up and we’re well on our way into the Paras, we think a quick recap of what we did across our Social Media channels is in order. We have two current UofG students who competed in the Olympics this year:

Laura Muir (Runner) – UofG Veterinary Medicine

Camilla Hattersley (Swimmer) – UofG Aeronautical Engineering

Our UofG team really wanted to get behind these girls as they competed in Rio, and we thought the best way to do it was through our Social Media channels!


We kicked off the Olympic season on Facebook Live interviewing both Laura and Camilla to get our UofG Community on board! Nothing too official but it created a lot of interest.


Our Social Media team went out and got students and staff to wish good luck to the girls before they were about to compete. We were even able to get our VC to send in a video from his holiday in Italy (look out for the white video box)!


Thankfully we had Camilla and Laura make these little videos before they left for Rio (the same time as they did the FB live). We used them to make sure our UofG Community were ready to watch and cheer them on.



Along with we a lighthearted GIF to make sure everyone stayed up until 2am to watch Laura Run. RUN LAURA RUN!


We had a great time following along with our UofG athletes as well as the rest of GB! Our posts, which were a combination of pictures, video & GIF’s reached over 400K people, with 6K+ engagements and 65K video views across all our SM channels. Highlighting our current student’s achievements will hopefully inspire others as well as bring our community closer. By tying UofG into a major world event we were able to increase our reach and engagement too!


UofG alumnus Katherine Grainger also became Britain’s most successful female Olympian with her silver medal in women’s double sculls in Rio!


As much as we did for the Olympics, the gold medal has to go to the Loughborough (Lboro) team. Did you know that if Lboro Uni was a country they would have come 17th in the medal table? Very impressive! We also thoroughly enjoyed following their @LboroRio2016 twitter, and regularly checked their bespoke Rio website for updates along with very high quality videos and well told stories about their athletes. Well done guys!


We’re proud of our amazing UofG athletes and we’re already enjoying some amazing Paralympic action too! We can’t wait to catch up with Laura and Camilla when they return to UofG to find out first hand what their experience at RIO was like.


Personalised GIFS

Personalised GIFS

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