Top 6 Content Creation Hacks of 2016

Top 6 Content Creation Hacks of 2016

Tash and I had the difficult, yet enjoyable, task of creating the end of year video for our UofG social media channels. Difficult, only because we’ve been able to cram so much into one year it’s actually a little bit mind boggling, and extremely hard to choose the best bits. Without ruining the video for you (which is at the bottom of this post, feel free to skip to it) I’d like to highlight our top 6 content creation hacks of 2016 that helped increase engagement across all our channels.

1 – 360° Photos

We’ve had a lot of fun with 360° photos this year and they easily make up our top posts on Facebook. It’s always nice to see comments from people reminiscing about their time at our uni, or prospective students tagging their friends saying how they could be here next year. With Google Street view, a tripod and some minor Photoshop skills they’re extremely easy to make and always garner massive amounts of engagement. Take a look at this guest post by Kevin that explains how we do it!

2 – DJI Osmo Mobile

Wow, wow and wow again! This little tool has massively changed the way we create our videos, and is easily worth the £300. It takes a bit of time to get used to, but the added stability makes everything just look so much better (Facebook live without a shaky camera makes a huge difference). The Osmo also has a great time lapse option that allows smooth gradual movement, and since cameras on phones are only getting better this tool will continue to stay relevant no matter what phone you use. Only downside, phone battery life & it’s difficult to plug in a microphone. This little gizmo helped us film our Xmas Mannequin challenge…which if you haven’t seen, you’re missing out big time!

3 – Subtitles & Video Format

Around 80 – 90% of our videos across all our channels are watched without sound… when was the last time you actually watched a video in public on Facebook with the sound on? We’ve started adapting our videos to cater to this and either integrate wording directly into our video edits, or add them using Youtube to generate an SRT file that we bring into Facebook. Facebook has recently rolled out its own video captioning capabilities into videos, but it’s tedious, frustrating, and time consuming (come on FB get it together). Video sizing formats are changing too; square and vertical video sizing are used almost as often as traditional landscape. I’ll be the first to admit that we’re still at entry level for video size and text formats, but it will continue to be one of our top priorities to explore and experiment with next year.

4 – Facebook Live

It’s hard to remember a world without Facebook live! Facebook live, and other live video platforms, have easily been one of the biggest things to hit the Social Media world in 2016. This is something that we fully integrated into our Social Media strategy at the University, and it attributes massively to our channel engagement numbers. I should mention Twitter, Periscope & Youtube, but we’ve actually stopped using these platforms for live streaming as they just can’t compete with the engagement numbers we get through Facebook. I guess you could say at this point, Facebook, though late to the live streaming game, is dominating. Next year we’ll be having a serious look at live streaming using multiple cameras.

5 – Snapchat & Mish Guru

Snapchat has come to life for us this year, and as the channel grows we’ve had to adjust and streamline the way we use it. A few weeks ago I wrote about how we’re using Mish Guru to manage our Snapchat channel so I won’t get into it too much… but if you haven’t read how we’re using this tool to change the way we communicate through Snapchat you need to read it! Snapchat is growing up (and by growing up, I don’t mean maturing…it’s just not the new kid on the block anymore), and as it does the content that we create needs to be innovative. Though there is something to be said for spontaneous snaps we also need to make sure that we have curated content that challenges and informs our students. We’re really looking forward to bringing on our Social Media Student Officers next year who already have some great ideas for taking our Snapchat account to the next level! Pushing it to the limit… amirite? amirite?

6 – UofG Personalised GIFs

Not only were they a lot of fun to create, the personalised aspect to our GIFs really made our students feel special. We used these mainly during clearing as responses to students who were posting on twitter that they were coming to UofG. Looking forward to continuing to create new content for GIFs next year. If you’re interested in how we created our personalised GIF’s Tash wrote a really nice blog on it here.

UofG 2016 Year in Review Video

Without further ado, here is our 2016 end of year video. Enjoy!

PS. Student Ambassadors

Just quickly, I would be amiss to not mention how excited we are to welcome 8 students to our social media team in 2107! We can’t wait to see the student led authentic content that they come up with. Watch this space for proper introductions next year.

Also… RIP Vine (but not for long, some Vine capabilities coming in January integrated directly with Twitter).

Ok that’s it, see you in 2017!

What are your Social Media content creating hacks? Let me know in the comments below!

Student Officers join the team

Student Officers join the team

UofG’s Mannequin Challenge

UofG’s Mannequin Challenge