How to Make a Social Campaign Fly (Part 2)

How to Make a Social Campaign Fly (Part 2)

If you haven't read Part 1 by Emma yet head over there first for more context on #TeamUofG, then come right back. This is all the technical stuff you need to know: how we created digital assets, distributed them to our Social Media community, set up our advert audience, and what we had to do behind the scenes to succeed.


Make it as easy as possible for people to take what you've created and use it. If you don't spend the time creating assets in different variations and sizes you'll be bombarded with emails and requests to resize, customise and tailor digital content to meet everyone's needs. To avoid this challenge we created a Dropbox folder with all the assets, everything you would ever need to use for posts related to #TeamUofG. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram images & headers as well as custom GIFS, Photoshop templates with exact channel dimensions, short videos (high quality and low quality), the Team UofG mark on its own and in Powerpoint format. There was something there for everyone from all technical backgrounds to use.

team uofg blog.jpg


On a quick side note: This Google Doc from Sprout Social is a great resource to ensure you always have the correct sizes for any post across a variety of channels. 


There's nothing worse than scrambling and throwing together shoddy digital creatives to respond to your audience. We launched the #TEAMUofG campaign on Scottish Highers day and continued it on through A Levels and into Freshers. Having all the assets created in advance helped us to respond directly to students expressing their excitement for coming to the uni. We had 5 short videos and 9 gifs ready to go in Final Cut and Photoshop and all we had to do was add the students name and export it. By having everything set up we were able to personalise gifs and short videos for each excited student. New students loved the fact that we took the time to respond to them with the added bonus of personalised digital messaging.


Organic reach and engagement is like panning for gold, rare and valuable. For big campaigns such as #TeamUofG we need to make sure our content gets in front of the right people. We put a lot of time and effort into refining who we wanted to see this campaign. For the soft launch we were able to show our promotional video to all the students receiving the physical tattoo mail-out in the form of an unpublished video using their mailing addresses as a guide for the custom audience. We officially launched a few days later and divided the adverts into custom sets that targeted different audiences with slightly adjusted messages. The entire paid for campaign objective was to get the right eye-balls to watch the #TeamUofG video. By segmenting different markets we had relevancy score of 8-9 throughout the campaign and an average cost per result of ยฃ0.01.

team uofg ad.JPG


The age old UGC buzzword... The trick to successful UGC is to create something people are invested in and want to have some fun with, and then make it extremely easy to share it. We find at UofG our best channel for UGC is Snapchat. So along with physical tattoos we created a Snapchat sticker (often confused for a geo-tag, but I assure you it's not). We sent out a snap with a white background and the #TeamUofG digital tattoo asking students to use the Snapchat sticker tool to send us snaps along with the real things of course.


To reflect the evolving campaign we decided to have a competition during Freshers' Week giving away a goody bag each day to the person who snapped us their best TeamUofG Fresher's moment. It was a cool feeling to announce the winner every morning and meet them in person the same day all through Snapchat! We also decided to film, edit and publish a short video every day of Freshers' Week (proved a challenging task) in the same style of #TeamUofG tying in the activities on campus to the campaign. Students quickly realised this was our plan and because the content was fresh and relevant they were more inclined to share it on their own channel. If we waited a week the the videos would be irrelevant.


This is an ongoing campaign, the initial launch and follow up material we put out reached more people than we could have imagined. These stats are directly from our channels and don't take into account those that were created by others throughout the university.

Facebook: 2.8M reach, 1.3M video views (with an average watch time of over 10 seconds), 23K reactions, 2.3K comments and 1.3K shares.

Twitter: Over the course of the campaign so far we had over 1300 retweets and almost 4K likes of our #TeamUofG content

Instagram:  35K video views, 19K likes and over 130 comments - with our Instagram stories garnering over 7K views each

Snapchat: Over 900K views of all our snaps - with well over 1500 screenshots and 1800 received Snaps from our community. 


We love interacting with our wonderful audiences around the world and locally. We've been fortunate that so many people have embraced #TeamUofG and we always look for new ways to weave it into any new campaigns. It's an idea that is constantly evolving and we plan to ensure it keeps on growing!

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