UofG Best in UK on Social Media

UofG Best in UK on Social Media

On 1 March we became the most influential university on Social Media in the UK (according to KLOUT), we've been in second place to Oxford for the past couple of months but finally clinched the top spot. 

Every day we highlight the many achievements and campaigns of our uni and colleagues, but sometimes it's important to acknowledge the effort of our own team. It might seem slightly narcissistic to bask in the digital glory of being number 1 in the UK on social media, so I'll keep this post short and quickly share our top 5 tips for managing our social media output. Also, what social media isn't slightly self-fulfilling and narcissistic is some way or another?



This might seem redundant as you're currently skimming through this as fast as possible... on our social media blog. We've found a blog to be an extremely helpful tool to wrap up campaigns and summarise what we learn along the way. It also gives us an additional platform internally and throughout the Higher Educations sector to showcase the type of work that is important to us.


Our UofG students have been an invaluable resource for authentic content and as a sounding board for the campaigns we're working on. It's great to have an honest opinion on ideas and how best to communicate to current and prospective students. They've only been part of our team for two months and already they've made a massive difference.


Every 6 weeks we host a social media round table (also known as a SMeRT) that is open to all university staff and students who either run their own channels or want to know more about our main ones. We usually run through what we've been up to for the past month, what worked and what didn't. Allowing people to interact face to face and discuss digital campaigns themselves is very useful. Instead of always dictating best practise it's nice to see people discover what personally works for them and their own channels. 

As a team we try to get involved in the wider HE Social Media community. We'll try and share information through presentations for CASE, Universities UK, or internally at events within the university.  


Over the past few months we've decreased our content output. This has allowed us to stop chasing our tails and start planning for larger content campaigns. It's a bold step to take, but if we don't have content that we think is relevant to our audience we don't put it out - even if this means no content going up on Facebook for a day. Freeing up time to allow for creativity and planning is a game changer. We've also seen an increase in engagement with fewer posts.


We've come to the realise that we can't be everything to everyone. Our social media objective is to authentically showcase the strength and diversity of UofG to a wide audience. Straying away from this too far compromises effective and engaging content. This isn't saying that we won't help people with advice and ideas, we just encourage them to be pro-active and take advantage of our guidelines, social media content submission process, blog and round table.

Follow these tips and you'll be number 1 too.... jk jk. Thrilled to be the top and I can speak for the whole team when I say we're still learning every day, which I don't think is going to change anytime soon. 

Do you have any tips that work for your team to manage your content and workload from day to day? Let us know in the comments below.
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