TEDx @ The University of Glasgow

TEDx @ The University of Glasgow

What is TEDx?

The TEDx Program is designed to help communities, organizations and individuals to spark conversation and connection through local TED-like experiences.

At TEDx events, a screening of TED Talks videos — or a combination of live presenters and TED Talks videos — sparks deep conversation and connections at the local level. TEDx events are planned and coordinated independently, under a free license granted by TED. 


The event was held in the Kelvin Gallery in the main building of the University, a stunning venue for, what turned out to be, a stunning event. We were treated to talks from several inspirational people speaking about topics ranging from conservation, nuclear power and fighting against the deportation of asylum seekers. The full list of speakers, and their speeches can be found here

There was entertainment provided by The Ayoub Sisters who performed their rendition of Uptown Funk which was chosen from 10,000 online performers to feature in a special presentation at last year’s BRIT Awards. The Ayoub Sisters’ classical take on the Number 1 single was personally produced by Mark Ronson. We were then treated to a performance from David Sosman, a Bounce Ball Juggler who has even showed off his impressive skills to The Pope when he performed at The Vatican City in December 2016. 

During the breaks we were treated to some light refreshment and sandwiches, and were given the opportunity to talk to different stalls and companies on the balcony of the Kelvin Gallery. JP Morgan were there giving out free charging bars (if you gave them your e-mail), Greenpeace Glasgow were showing off their iceberg constructed out of promises to reduce, reuse and recycle and promoting their newest campaigns that are popping up around Glasgow. There were also people talking about gravitational waves and physic-y things which went well over my head. The star of the show was undoubtedly Glasgow Vroom, a virtual reality gaming arcade in the West End of Glasgow. We were able to get a five minute teaser of the technology - I got to go to the top of a mountain and play with a robotic sausage dog, it was genuinely one of the most realistic experience I have ever experienced, virtually. Glasgow Vroom provide 1 hour sessions for up to 4 people to try out the amazing VR technology firsthand, an experience I would highly recommend. 

Our Coverage

If you were anywhere near social media on Saturday the 4th of March you would have seen us at TEDxUniversityofGlasgow. We were collectively all over Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and even tried out Instagram Live and Facebook Live. 

Our Twitter received 226K impressions, with our top tweet mentioning Steve Backshall and his talk on how Sharks are one of the best wild animals to work with.

Our Facebook activity reached 100k people, with 25k video views and 3.9k engagements. With our top reaching post being our live video of The Ayoub Sisters classical performance of Uptown Funk, which can still be re-lived on University of Glasgow's Facebook page. 

Our Snapchat story which consisted of BTS footage of the event, pictures of the talks with quotes from them - and some extra footage of the sandwiches for good measure - recieved 89K views and 150 screenshots. 

In total we reached over 400K people across all our channels, which was hopefully beneficial to both TEDxUniversityofGlasgow and students who weren't lucky enough to be able to get a ticket to the event.

A huge congratulations to the whole TEDxUniversityofGlasgow committee, the event ran flawlessly and I frequently found myself forgetting that I was at a student run event. The level of professionalism that the team showed was top-class which they even managed to upkeep when I was being a pest, annoying them to find a perfect spot with lighting good enough to cover my - many - flaws. 

I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to try and get a ticket to next years TEDxUniversityofGlasgow, it is definitely not one to be missed. 

Until next time free sandwiches

Lots of love,



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