Try new things, break some rules along the way. Our Social Media team at UofG is a mix of students and staff, we like to be able to share what happens at our uni from lots of different  perspectives.


Emma Gilmartin

Social & Digital Media Manager

English/Scottish/Aussie hybrid. Social Media Manager and soon to be Mummy blogger. Favourite channel is Instagram. Loves Melbourne, travelling, exercise, chips, Topshop, rugby and football (watching, not playing) and gin. Hates The Kardashians (inc Kanye), meat on the bone (just wrong), Pet Shop Boys, tequila and Subway (the smell makes me want to throw up!)



Daniel Marrable 

Senior Social & Digital Media Officer

South African, Canadian, Scottish, not necessarily in that order – Social Media communicator & wanna-be artist! Favourite Channel is Instagram. Loves M&S CheeseTasters (they’re so delicious), tartan trews, external batteries, and table-top gardening. Hates low battery, throwing away food, email, messy cables (why isn’t everything wireless yet?).



Tasha Quinn

Social and Digital Commiunications Officers

Digital officer by day, Creative Writing Masters student by night (well early evening). Favourite Channel is Instagram. Loves swimming in the sea, Apes (orangutans are my fav), rainbows, Arts & Crafts (anything involving a glue gun). Hates when my crafting efforts look nothing like the Pinterest pictures, a full inbox, uncooked tomatoes.



Mengxi Pang

Chinese Social Media Officer

Part-time social media, full-time PhD, spend 70% of time developing a sociological imagination and the rest wondering what to post tomorrow. Favourite Channel is Weibo. Loves milky tea on winter mornings, cider on summer nights, melting butter on pancake, checking in for home flight. Hates when it is too wet to wear canvas trainers; only one side of earphones is working.





A fourth year Film, Television and Theatre with a dream to work with the BBC for at least one project. Hungarian by birth but spent most of my life in The Netherlands. Favourite Channel is Snapchat. Loves the smell of new books, salami, anything with glitter, people watching and snowboarding on fresh snow. Hate jellyfish (where is their brain?), condescending people, when you had cake but you realise you already ate it, doing dishes and having to adult.


Third year Product Design Engineering student, carefully treading the line of what’s too art school. Rowing for the University Boat Club and having little time for much else. Favourite Channel is Instagram, a picture says a thousand words and all that, it helps to get around Twitter’s 140 character limit. Loves tech, exercise, making things, and inevitably breaking things… Hates having nothing to do, walking behind slow people and long train journeys home (why is Glasgow so far north?)




Masters student aspiring to help combat climate change and promote renewable energy. Born in London, grew up in Liverpool, studying in Glasgow. Soon to be in the Arctic circle. Claim to fame is trying to get on the Junior apprentice and favourite channel is Piczo. Loves Everton FC, stress, licking rocks, plate tectonics, Ashton Lane and the Greggs student meal deal. Hates Emma’s mug, the new uni email and looking at my bank balance. 



Third year Business & Management student aspiring to be in the marketing/social media field. Zimbabwean but a citizen of the world. Favourite Channel is Snapchat (gotta love those filters). Love cold weather, cursive handwriting, technology, planning events and reality shows. Hate all things banana (except banana chips), being late and out of place objects (I'm kind of a neat freak).




A Glaswegian fourth year Microbiology student, dreaming of one day running the World Health Organisation and being a karate world champion. Favourite Channel is Instagram.
Love spaghetti bolognese, colouring-in books, cool tuperwear dishes, pastel coloured clothes and floral backpacks. Hate late public transport, sweetcorn, slow internet, snow and sitting in the middle seat on planes.